Search Marketing

Understanding everything that falls under the vague title of “search marketing” can be quite the daunting task. But two things are well-known:

  1. It’s extremely important for lead generation.
  2. It can get very expensive, very quickly.

I strive to provide you with both a strong understanding of search marketing strategy and a cost-effective solution to acquiring new customers when they’re online looking for you. There is certainly no one-size-fits-all approach, but there are many basic tactics you can employ and common mistakes that can be easily avoided.

Here are some of the ways I can help you improve your search visibility:

  • Create targeted pay-per-click advertising (PPC) campaigns using Google Adwords and/or other platforms.
  • Audit your current PPC campaigns to identify and update underperforming keywords and ads.
  • Review your website to identify opportunities to improve your organic search ranking for important keywords.
  • Find and fix website issues that are limiting your sales due to SEO penalties or a poor user experience.

As with all services I offer, my goal is to provide a measurable, profitable ROI.