About Me

I'm a freelance marketing consultant. I've been in the industry since 2007 with both agency and in-house marketing experience. I take pride in my work and take a genuine interest in providing my clients with solutions that make sense for their business, their budget, and their goals.

As seriously as I take my work, I don't take myself too seriously. As you'll see from my blog posts, I maintain a healthy level of sarcasm. I hope my style pairs well with your company culture. If so, we can make some great things happen.

I like to work with small and medium sized businesses that don't have an in-house marketing staff or just need a new set of eyes to help them improve marketing efforts.

I also like to work with marketing agencies who need to outsource projects when there's simply too much to get done.

Here's what else you should know about me:

  • I live in the Seacoast region of New Hampshire. I love visiting the beaches, mountains, cities, and multitude of restaurants nearby as often as possible.
  • I like to cook and I'm not so bad at it.
  • I really like to eat and try foods from around the world and drink beers I've never heard of.
  • I love to give back to my community whenever possible. I'm currently on the Board of Directors and a volunteer tutor for Dover Adult Learning Center.
  • I'm very, very bad at golf and this is one reason I will never fit in with corporate America. 

Some people insist I should call this business Michael Kupfer Consulting, because it sounds more professional. But in case it's not already clear, I'm trying to avoid the corporate, polished, prim and proper approach and just be a guy who's good at solving marketing challenges and ready to help you out. Sorry, guys.