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Split Testing: Which TLA (Three Letter Abbreviation) Are You?

For many small businesses, just executing a marketing program is an accomplishment in and of itself. Finding the time, allocating the budget, and understanding the results are all things that are not quite top priorities when there’s so much else to do. And still, if you want successful, cost-effective marketing, testing is the only way […]

email marketing

Email Marketing, Where Less Is More and the Least Is the Most

I’d like to tell you about what is, for me, possibly the most frustrating thing in all of digital marketing. It’s not the most important or the most consequential, but frustrating? Annoying? Yes and yes. If you open up your email inbox (feel free to actually do this; just don’t get distracted and forget to […]

Keyword Research Tips: Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating today! Please remember to take a moment to look around your dinner table to appreciate the food that’s on it, roof that’s over it, the people that surround it (yes, even Uncle Kevin), and any four-legged floor cleaners staked out nearby. Now, since I’m awake before everyone else and, as […]

Five Tips for Your First Sales/Marketing Webinar

Considering using webinars as a sales tool, but feeling a little unprepared? Here are five tips from a guy (me) who’s learned some things the hard way and sat through his fair share of both excellent and tragically boring webinars.

Spend Some Quality Time with Your Marketing

Almost every small business owner knows that marketing their business and understanding the costs and return on their marketing activities is something that should be prioritized. Many might even say it’s their #1 priority. Unfortunately, so is working on closing more deals, interviewing and hiring the right staff, shopping for new equipment, and the ever-elusive […]

How to Choose the Right CRM Platform

If you’re reading this post, you’ve probably had a long journey through Google results for whatever it was that you searched. Or, you were referred to my website directly and decided to check out this point (Hi, mom!). Being the first post on this blog and a topic that has been written about to death […]