CRM Support

The concept of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is fairly simple. You have a whole bunch of contacts organized into a single database, where you can view their information, keep track of your interactions, and schedule some follow up tasks. The appeal of and demand for this service is obvious to anyone who’s had to undertake these tasks manually.

However, getting from Point A (no CRM) to Point B (CRM up and running with an understanding of how to use it) can be so incredibly frustrating.

Call me crazy, but I enjoy navigating the tedious selection and setup processes. Whether you have a system you’re not happy with or just a mess of unorganized contact info from everyone you’ve ever met, here are some of the tasks I’m eager to help with:

  • Discussing your needs and sourcing the ideal CRM platform for you.
  • Working with the platform’s sales and setup team to get your platform turned on with as many user accounts as you need.
  • Sorting, scrubbing, and organizing your contacts and associated information.
  • Creating custom data fields specific to your business to track for each contact.
  • Exporting contacts from a current system (if applicable) and importing everything to the new one.
  • Showing you exactly how to use the system so you can save time and communicate more efficiently.

If I’ve left out anything you might need, just ask.

As understandable as it would be, don’t let the ocean of CRM options scare you off from doing anything at all. If you just don’t have the bandwidth or patience for it, give me a call!