Digital Strategy

Digital marketing strategy is one of those things that you might not really think about when you’re a brand new startup. You just pick a couple marketing channels you know and sort of make it up as you go. That can work just fine for a time.

You might imagine that larger and more well-established companies have a formal digital marketing strategy in place, but exactly when did they develop it? For that matter, how did they develop it?

To answer the “when” question, it obviously differs for every company. My recommendation is put a strategy in place as soon as you have your products and services identified well enough that you’ll be able to target prospects based on the solutions you provide. In other words, if you can answer, “What are your core products?” then you should be able to answer, “What’s your digital strategy?”

As far as how to create a strategy, you can start with a simple template you can find with a quick Google search. It might not be structured in exactly the right way for you, but it will get you started. You can always make adjustments on the fly.

A few things I highly recommend considering:

  • Decide on your goals before your tactics. It doesn’t matter if you already pay for an email sending service. If email isn’t an effective marketing channel for you, reduce or drop it. Focus on what makes sales easier.
  • Think about measurement throughout the entire process. If you’re going to use pay-per-click ads, for example, know how you’ll measure their success. If you’re going to distribute digital coupons, know how you’ll track when and where they’re used and what impact it’s having on your total sales.
  • K.I.S.S. You don’t need to revolutionize digital marketing, especially if you’re putting a strategy in place for the first time. Learn from your competitors. Work with a consultant. If you over-complicate it, you’re more likely to veer off-course along the way. And when that happens, it’s so easy to just revert to the old ways of marketing on the fly with no real focus.

For help creating, revamping, or expanding your digital marketing strategy, get in touch. The process can be as hands-on or hands-off as you need.