ROI Tracking

How much have you spent on marketing? How much has it earned you in sales?

If you put your mind to it, you could probably give a good estimate of the first answer. Unless you have some kind of tracking method in place already, you might not have any idea on the second.

One of my core beliefs as a marketer is that measurement is crucial to any marketing efforts — digital or otherwise. Sometimes it’s as easy as pasting a piece of code into your website to track conversions. Other times (with a print ad, for example), it can be more difficult to figure out who took any particular action, or even recalls seeing your ad in the first place.

It’s great to know what’s working in your marketing. It’s perhaps even more important to know what’s not. Ineffective marketing is like donating to the ad company, but without the tax write-off. Your money would be better spent anywhere else… even an actual, intentional donation!

With any strategy that I propose for you, and for any that you already have in place, I will help you identify the most efficient method of measurement so you know what’s working and what isn’t, so you can stop wasting money and start winning new customers.